A hat-trick of project success

By Erlend Engelsgjerd - September 13, 2023

Being agile and versatile are cornerstones for many modern businesses, including HydraWell, but underlining these commitments in triplicate is something we have been pleased to achieve during recent project successes explains our Sales Manager, Erlend Engelsgjerd.

Whilst all three jobs used our specialised HydraHemera™ technology, two called for standard P&A methods and the third needed zonal isolation between two zones for a subsequent injection test.

HydraHemera™, our flagship PWC® system, consists of two components, a HydraHemera™ Jetting Tool and a HydraHemera™ Cementing Tool. This technology allows us to flawlessly execute PWC® operations to deliver an efficient and effective outcome every single time, while standing out from our competitors in the field of innovation.

There’s a big gap between telling customers that you’re light on your feet in responding to their needs and correctly fulfilling their requirements in a timely manner, writes Erlend.

We are delighted that three recent scopes of work have given us the opportunity to show not only the capabilities of our kit, but also the capabilities of our people in closing that gap.

Across all three campaigns, time was of the essence and adhering carefully to the short lead-time of each project was the number one priority for each of our clients. Typically, we have planning time ranging from months to even years before work starts but, on all three occasions, we were able to call on our wealth of experience in the field to ensure we were technically prepared for the tasks.

This allowed us to draw on unrivalled knowledge gained from previous similar projects to conduct and perform the operations in a timely and safe manner whilst cognisant of the unique characteristics of each job.

After all, anyone can promise to deliver but the ability to draw on a long-established track record of success gives clients peace of mind that methods have been successfully tried and tested, and they can trust that we’ve seen – and overcome – a similar challenge before.


Our project for a major UK-based operator was delivered within three weeks, including arranging delivery of a sub-contractor for the perforation guns we require for the first part of the PWC® technology. Our pre-existing relationship with a perforating company which had the necessary equipment in stock allowed us to source the kit and deliver it quickly.

Client 2: PETROGAS

Our reputation for delivering excellent service quality also resulted in a successful P&A project for Petrogas in the Netherlands. Here, we had to overcome the challenges of mobilising people and kit during the Easter holidays, which in Norway is a significant rest break for business with most companies reducing operations for up to 10 days in observance of Easter.

Nevertheless, we remained committed to the project success by employing the services of another perforating company for a mechanical perforating solution. We arranged the machining of new tools with specialised delivery and transported equipment from Norway via Denmark to the Netherlands, with no hold ups or issues, a true testament to our agility and versatility under pressure.

Client 3: ONE-DYAS

Completing the recent hat-trick was a project for Netherlands-based ONE-DYAS, which arrived through the chat function of our website, four years after we first presented our products and services to the client. From their initial query relating to whether we could deliver an annular barrier (hydraulic isolation) to completion of the job took just eight days. This project alone tells a very important story about our ability to quickly turn around from receiving a message on a Saturday, preparing the kit, putting procedures in place, and making sure the client is comfortable with the solution we’re delivering. This campaign showcased our unique engineering capabilities, a prime example of how our innovation stands out from our competitors.

There’s no doubt that our combination of good kit, good people and good agility are proving to be attractive to our expanding client base. It’s a reputation we’re proud to grow as HydraWell looks to the future with confidence and optimism.

We will continue our focus to maintain our position as the market leader in P&A applications, creating superior solutions that are carefully in step with the needs of our clients and the market.


Hydrawell PWC®. Design with purpose, Install with confidence.



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