Good at being "Us"

By Calum Smith - December 14, 2022

Music legend Dave Grohl said: “No-one is you and that is your biggest power” and it’s not a bad mantra to keep in mind when looking to grow your geographic footprint, writes Operations Manager (UK & Rest of World), Calum Smith.

For HydraWell, embracing our unique position, capabilities and potential have been key springboards for growth. Expanding our corporate horizons is achieved by striking the right balance of being light on our feet to respond to customer and in-country requirements while ensuring quality of service delivery in diverse onshore and offshore environments.

From the outset, we were keen to take a broad view on where and how to do business and our two main operational bases in Norway and Scotland are now busy helping a growing number of clients in an ever-increasing number of locations. Malaysia, Australia and Brazil are all key markets for us, surpassed only by the Netherlands where we have shown the benefits of taking lessons learned in the energy sector and using them to explore new and exciting opportunities for diversification.

Our first job in the Netherlands was in 2016 and, but since May 2020 the number of jobs we have completed is well into double figures demonstrating the capacity for growth despite challenges such as Brexit and the pandemic.

The successful application of our patented HydraHemera™ jet-based Perf, Wash & Cement (PWC®) solution during two scopes of work in the Netherlands – one for a leading tomato producer and the other for a salt mining client – is a clear indication of the worth in being balanced, adaptable and flexible in overseas markets.

Additionally, the successful completion of these projects represented an important advancement in HydraWell’s diversification plans, and further underlines the company’s enviable reputation for smart, superior, sustainable operations which exceed the customer´s expectations.

At the back of it all, however, is that constant reminder that what we do isn’t exactly replicated by others – and key to that uniqueness are our people who are central to delivering consistently high-quality service delivery backed by unflinchingly rigorous and in-depth planning.

We hope that by being good at “being us” HydraWell can work alongside our clients on their own growth journey towards prosperous futures which embrace the power of being unique.



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