Meet the team - Patrick Andersen

By Patrick Andersen - March 28, 2023

Meet Patrick Andersen, our Operations Manager.

With a career in the oil and gas industry spanning over 30 years, Patrick has been with HydraWell since the very beginning, having previously worked with the group that started the company.

Get to know Patrick a little more in our latest staff interview below...

What’s your career background?

I have always worked in the oil and gas industry since beginning my career in 1991. My career has offered me the opportunity to work for several companies some of which have changed and grown massively, from Dowell Schlumberger – now SLB – cementing to Western Atlas Wireline – now absorbed under Baker Hughes – then over to Baker Oil Tools fishing. Finally, I moved to Northwell intervention in 2009 which then became HydraWell soon after. I have done a bit of moving around in my career, picking up new skills and knowledge with each post.

Can you tell us about your role as Operations Manager?

As Operations Manager, I am responsible for planning PWC operations primarily in Norway and Europe. Our PWC operations are complex and intricate, therefore they require thorough planning. I also follow the execution of projects to ensure that everything is going to our detailed plans.

What do you find the most rewarding working with HydraWell?  

There is so much! I really enjoy working in a small and adaptive environment with all of my great colleagues. The nature of our work brings many interesting challenges and problem-solving opportunities; we are always working on something new! HydraWell is powered by innovation, the whole team are always looking to advance so it is cool to see some of the technology come to life.

What do you like to do outside of work?

There is too much to list, it might seem like I don’t have any time for work!

Skiing is something I love to do, windsurfing whenever there is a windy day – and that is almost all the time here on the west coast of Stavanger. Ice Hockey with my colleagues, Padel tennis, white water rafting, hiking in the mountains in the summer. Basically, any activity that is sporty or outdoorsy or both, I will try!

What are some values that drive you?

I am genuinely interested in the new technology – seeing the ideas become real tools and equipment is really cool. Having spent my whole career in the energy sector I have seen the evolution of tech in real time and being part of the implementation really drives me.

What is your next big goal within HydraWell?

In late 2022, we launched our latest PWC solution HydraCT™ which is leading the way to rigless intervention and cutting both costs and emissions for our clients. It is my next big goal in my role at HydraWell to successfully implement this across our industry.

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