HydraWell completes its 500th PWC® plug installation

By Tom Leeson - August 18, 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have reached a significant milestone, with our 500th successful plug installation.

This is a crucial time in our evolution as we expand our corporate horizons. With an increasing volume of work coming from out with the traditional North Sea region, we are diversifying, and recent project successes include geothermal work for a leading tomato producer and a salt mining client in the Netherlands and we continue to explore new opportunities in a range of emerging markets such as Australia, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico.

But at the heart of our operations and ongoing drive to re-think existing well integrity operations, is the revolutionary Perf, Wash & Cement (PWC®) which provides a nimble and flexible method much in demand across a range of applications from permanent P&A and slot recovery to restoring annular integrity and casing shoe repair.

Commenting on the landmark 500th PWC® plug installation, Tom Leeson, our Chief Commercial Officer said:

“This milestone allows us to reflect on how the market has changed during our time in business, and how we have successfully responded to those changes by creating superior solutions which are carefully in step with the needs of clients and the market.

“Rigorous demand in the likes of Australia and Brazil within the last 12 months means these regions are catching up with Norway and the UK in terms of volume of P&A work for us.

“It is now imperative for our clients not only to know what we are going to do but also how we are going to do it, to ensure that we deliver good quality, sustainable solutions that maximise safety and longevity.

“Looking ahead to the next 500 installations, we forecast much research on working without rigs and we will be at the forefront of guiding how the sector can address the challenge of rig availability. This will involve executing abandonment work which moves away from the need for a rig to pull pipe towards rigless, coiled tubing innovations and HydraCT will lie at the heart of the next chapter.”




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