Case Study: HydraCT™ successfully deployed on coil tubing

By Erlend Engelsgjerd - March 01, 2022

Our client initiated a full-scale testing programme where various service companies would showcase new technology and required a PWC® supplier to wash and cement a 6-5/8" x 10-3/4" annulus avoiding rotation of the coiled tubing.

By running coil tubing as the deployment method, rotation of the BHA is not possible, therefore a self-rotating washing BHA is critical for coil tubing applications.

As an established PWC® technology pioneer at the forefront of well integrity operations, we trailed our newly developed HydraCT™ solution to successfully install a cross-sectional cement barrier in casing with coil tubing.

To find out how we did this, check out our latest case study by clicking here.

Read the full Case Study

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