HydraWell proves innovative technology is worth its salt with Dutch success

By Mark Sørheim - July 22, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we have marked an important diversification milestone by completing two significant geothermal projects totalling 350,000 EUR in the Netherlands.

Our ingenious HydraHemera™ patented Perf, Wash & Cement (PWC®) solution was originally developed for the energy sector. Now, in a significant step towards embracing a growing number of diversification opportunities, our technology has entered new territory thanks to the successful completion of two scopes of work in the Netherlands – one for a leading tomato producer and the other for a salt mining client.

Whilst hydrocarbons, oil, and gas, are absent in a salt mine, hot water is required to dissolve salt so that it can be circulated out for processing – and, just like the energy sector, P&A is required when a well reaches the end of its life. In the recent salt mine project, our innovative solution was deployed on a P&A scope of work which was completed in a 4700m underground well with flawless execution and in a single run.

Our versatile system has also been successfully put to work on behalf of a leading tomato producer which uses geothermal energy to heat its facility. We were approached by our client whose affiliate had experienced reliability issues due to corrosion, leading to the decision to schedule the geothermal well for permanent P&A. In less than two days, our HydraHemeraTM PWC® system was applied to perforate the 810m deep well before washing behind the casing and then setting the cement plug in the well.

Our popular HydraHemera™ portfolio for wellbore specialist applications has played a pivotal role in realising our ongoing drive to re-think existing well integrity operations. This nimble and flexible method is much in demand across a range of applications from permanent P&A and slot recovery to restoring annulus integrity and casing shoe repair. The latest applications are further clear indication of its adaptability in rising to new challenges.

The successful completion of two Dutch projects also represents an important advancement in our diversification plans, and further underlines our enviable reputation for smart, superior, sustainable operations which exceed the customer´s expectations. It also shines a light on our team’s 98% plugging success rate, meaning that customers know they are in safe hands which can achieve optimum results.

Our Sales Manager, Erlend Engelsgjerd, comments:

“The successful completion of these projects is important acknowledgement not only of the trust placed in us by clients in brand-new sectors, but also in our team’s ability to step up and seize the opportunity to diversify into fresh and exciting contemporary marketplaces. This winning combination will stand us in good stead and helps us to look to the future with confidence and optimism.”


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