HydraWell to plug on the UKCS

By Tom Leeson - April 09, 2019

HydraWell has signed a contract with an undisclosed UK-based supermajor to provide equipment and personnel for plug and abandonment (P&A) services in the UK North Sea.

The contract is valid for five years and is expected to be utilised for operations on a non-producing field in the UK sector of the North Sea.

HydraWell will provide support out of its office and operational hub in Aberdeen, UK. The contract value has not been disclosed.

“The supermajor in question is one of the operators that have been instrumental in accessing the significant operational benefits of the PWC® technology, particularly on the Norwegian continental shelf. We look forward to supporting the company again on the UKCS,” says Tom Leeson, chief commercial officer of HydraWell.

To support the operator, HydraWell will apply its HydraHemeraTM PWC® (perforate, wash and cement) system that perforates the well before washing behind the casing and then setting the cement plug in the well. The high pressure PWC® jetting system can be utilised for plug & abandonment (P&A), slot recovery and well repair operations of single and dual casing offshore and onshore wells.

“The key benefit of the PWC® jetting system is that it can install a rock-to-rock barrier, in line with UK regulatory requirements, in less than two days. In comparison, traditional methods such as section milling takes significantly longer to complete, driving up the associated rig costs,” says Tom Leeson.

The oilfield in question ceased production in 2015.

HydraWell invented the PWC® technology and has installed more than 280 plugs with a higher than 98 percent success rate, many in challenging well conditions and configurations. The technology was first applied on the Norwegian continental shelf and has since become the favoured plugging method for a number of supermajors, majors, NOCs and independent oil companies worldwide.

HydraWell’s headquarters are in Stavanger, Norway.


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