Leading light in well integrity will maximise strength through synergy

By Tom Leeson - January 20, 2023

Maximising the client benefits of a synergistic approach is the key driver behind a recently created leading light in well integrity.

By coming together, HydraWell, READ and ANSA have not only fashioned a leading well integrity specialist with ambitions to play a prominent role in late life oilfield activities but also streamlined the customer experience by offering an expanded portfolio in one place.

Drawing strength from the long-established history which each component of the new business has in delivering expert well integrity services and solutions for clients, is combined with a single vision towards correctly satisfy growing demand for permanent plugging and abandonment of ageing assets.

READ’s excellence in cement evaluation and tubing/casing integrity successfully mixes with ANSA’s well integrity and abandonment data analysis, fast turnaround and data analysis training.  Add HydraWell´s Plug and Abandonment expertise, inclusive of annular remediation for slot recovery, tubing and casing integrity and zonal isolation, and the result is an integrated service which facilitates “cross pollination” within the portfolio.  For the customer, cross discipline involvement on wells reaps many rewards in terms of time and budget.

The legacy and carefully forged reputation of each constituent part will provide the pillars from which a future built on sustainability and growth can be constructed, and key to this will be people.  The amalgamation already benefiting from a refreshed management team headed by Mark Sørheim while Bruce Melvin is now Chief Commercial Officer tasked with successfully combining commercial solutions for maximum growth.  Tom Leeson is Chief Technical Officer responsible for developing and bringing new products and services to market.

The imminent introduction of external expertise to the team will add a new perspective to the dynamic in early 2023, placing the group of companies well to harvest a rich seam of combined existing product lines and geographical reach.



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