Introducing HydraTyphon!

By Tom Leeson - March 10, 2022

HydraWell is delighted to introduce our innovative downhole tooling solution, HydraTyphonTM   designed to deliver improved reliability in difficult environments.

HydraTyphonTM combines the benefits of Jet and Cup-based washing and cementing systems, and has been designed to improve the efficiency of the downhole hydraulic activity over any other system available. The combined advantages of these two systems reduces perforating and operating costs as well as minimising environmental impact.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Leeson said:

"Our experienced team is focused on developing ingenious technologies to transform well operations around the world. We are always looking for ways to push the boundaries and HydraTyphonTM hits the mark for new advancement in downhole tooling techniques. HydraTyphonTM offers a wide range of benefits, not least providing our clients the chance to reduce their environmental footprint whilst transforming their well operations.”

To shake up the market back in 2008, we designed, developed, tested and patented a system portfolio for wellbore applications known industry-wide as Perforation, Wash & Cement (PWC®). PWC® technology has the potential to slash the operational sequence by up to six days when compared to the conventional section milling alternative. The increased efficiency benefits help to reduce environmental impact as well as the potential to reduce operating costs by up to millions of pounds.

HydraTyphonTM is an evolution of PWC® delivering improved reliability for challenging well characteristics including high cement content in annuli, shallow barrier depth and large annuli.

Mark Sorheim, our Chief Executive Officer commented:

“We pride ourselves on being true innovators – our forward-thinking team continually develop our range of systems in response to bespoke customer requirements to support industry challenges. Furthermore, HydraWell regards sustainability as one of its top priorities as we strive for efficiency gains and proactively lower the risk of long-term environmental damage by exploring and developing solutions to support our clients’ environmental savings.”

For more information on HydraTyphonTM, click here.

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