New visual identity for HydraWell

By Tom Leeson - June 05, 2019

Since its inception in 2008, HydraWell has continuously invested in new technologies, which are increasingly utilised at oil and gas fields all over the world. To be even more representative for HydraWell in 2019, the company today unveils a modernised and upgraded visual identity, including a new website.

“HydraWell was a start-up when we created our previous visual identity. Today, we are the world’s leading provider of the PWC® plugging method, favoured by supermajors, independents and national oil companies all over the world. Our new and upgraded visual identity aims to reflect this position.” says Mark Sørheim, CEO of HydraWell.

New website

The first platform to carry the new and upgraded visual identity is HydraWell’s website –

“Our new website focuses more on the solutions and services we provide as well as the results we deliver to our clients. After close to ten years in operation, the PWC® plugging method is field proven across large parts of the world. Our website aims to mirror the PWC® method’s maturity level and market position in order to give customer exactly what they need when they visit our website,” says Mark Sørheim.

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